Need To Sell Your Car As Soon As Possible?

We can buy in your vehicle at a competitive price!
Why Us?

Selling your vehicle can be a hassle. As a customer, you have many consideration such as price, payment etc. The more consideration you have, the more value your car depreciate! Skip your worries and sell your vehicle at the highest price possible! At Lay Auto, we can….

Access to large base of clients and customers
Get you the best price as soon as within a day
Vehicle is of satisfaction condition, we pay directly on the spot
Paperwork handled fully by us

Follow the Steps Below

Step 1
  1. Go to
  2. Input your vehicle No.
  3. Select the ownership type (Owner or Company etc.)
  4. Input the last 5 digits of your NRIC
  5. Select the day that your wish to sell your vehicle under the de-registration date.
  6. Select yes for export
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions and fill in the CAPTCHA
  8. Print the document under PDF (Save as PDF)
Step 2
  1. Take photos of your vehicle in these positions: Front, Back, Left, RIght, interior Front, Interior Back (Refer to the sample photos below)
Step 3

With the necessary documents above, fill in the contact form below. Otherwise, Contact us via the Whatsapp Button.

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