BMW 318i

BMW 318i

BMW 318i For Lease!

Monthly Rental At Only $2,200/month
1 Year Lease: $2,300/month
2 Years Lease: $2,200/month

Pefect Condition with cheap rate, call us now.

Basic requirement: Valid Singapore Driving License & minimum of 2 year driving experience, and fulfill age limit as required for different car model.
For assistance, or reservation of car kindly dial
+65 9387 4666 – Joel Pay

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This vehicle has been inspected by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer or service partner and includes additional services.

21 Toh Guan Rd E, #01-16 Toh Guan Centre, 608609
6462 5828

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Our Price: $2 ,300
Age (min) 22 years old
Driving Min 1 year experience